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New Exercise Alert: Confidence Booster

youmatter_a_person_smiling_raising_hands_celebrating_with_peopl_8dd7e7a1-7b78-455d-8606-546e6dc5a38eGive your team a confidence boost 🦾💯⚡

In the fast-paced world of work and life, confidence can be a game-changer.

Imagine you're heading into a crucial week, and those nagging doubts start creeping in:

"Can I really pull this off?" 😰😟😣

It's a universal feeling, but fear not, because the "Confidence Booster" exercise 💯🦾 is here to help your team tap into their reservoir of past achievements🏆 and supercharge their self-assurance🔋.

What is the 'Confidence Booster' exercise? It works like this:

Step 1: Find a meeting where your team is thinking about some upcoming challenge 🤔🤔🤔; like a weekly status meeting or the kick-off of a project.

Step 2: Take a few moments and have everyone reflect on a memory💭 when they successfully tackled similar tasks or challenges in the past.

Step 3: Have everyone on the team share their memories of success 🗣️🏅👏.

Think of it as flipping through the highlights reel 📸 of your own achievements🏆🏅. By doing this, you're not just boosting your confidence; you're also arming yourself with a mental arsenal of past victories to draw upon when you need it most.

Why 'Confidence Booster' Works:

First, it leverages the psychology of self-efficacy🦾. When you recall past wins, your brain registers that you've overcome challenges, so you can do it again! It's like reminding yourself that you've successfully cooked dinner before, so tackling a new recipe isn't as intimidating.

Second, it shifts your focus🔍 from your perceived limitations🪫 to your proven capabilities🔋. Instead of dwelling on what you can't do, you celebrate what you've already accomplished🎉. It's like having a "been there, done that" attitude that says, "Bring it on!"

And when everyone shares their past wins, it creates a collective pool of confidence that can benefit the entire group. Sharing personal achievements fosters a sense of trust among team members. It sends a powerful message that each person brings valuable skills and experience to the table.

Have Funware™ Syncer help you facilitate 'Confidence Booster'

Step 0: If you haven't done so already, sign-up for Funware™ Syncer.

Step 1: Start a Funware™ Syncer session.


Step 2: When on the game wheel, instead of spinning the wheel to get a random exercise, click “Confidence Booster” to select that specific exercise. 

Step 3: Funware™ Syncer automatically prompts meeting participants to reflect and write down their past achievements.

Step 4: Funware™ Syncer will pick different people to share their memories at random and our built-in timer makes sure shares don’t go on too long.

The next time you or your team are thinking of an upcoming challenge that seems daunting, try using the 'Confidence Booster' exercise!