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Progress through productive play.

The Funmentum story

Science of Fun - Funmentum Wheel

Funmentum™ started as a hunch. We do our best work having fun - how can we be more intentional about building fun into our workflow?  

So we started learning about the science of fun from the world's leading researchers on Creativity, Psychological Safety, Flow and more. Armed with these insights, we created Funmentum™ as a process to help teams solve their challenges in a way that’s engaging, productive, and leads to new and novel thinking.

9 years and 50+ companies later, we are solely focused on changing work culture by making fun accessible and productive for everyone. Not treating fun as something extra, but as integral to a happier, more productive and fulfilling work life. We can’t wait to share it with you. And to learn from you! 

Our team

We've been building fun into workflow for decades. 

Mark Halvorson Headshot

Mark Halvorson

CEO & Head of Funware

Mark is a Product, Marketing, and Creative Leader with over 20 years experience helping software products connect with their market. 

He spent the last 9 years of his career at Atlassian running the Creative and Development teams behind and Atlassian University.

In his spare time he enjoys writing comedy, and performing improv & stand-up. Funware is the perfect combination of Mark's interests and abilities and he is really excited to help people have more fun at work! 


Kenny White Headshot

Kenny White


Kenny spent 20 years helping some of the world’s biggest companies like Netflix, ESPN, HP and Ubisoft grow their brands.

As the co-founder and chief creativity architect at the ad agency How Funworks,  Kenny discovered that his super power was learning to operationalize the “science of fun” to help people be more productive, creative, and connected. His work helped the company land on Inc 5000s Fastest Growing Companies, Adweek’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Agencies, and win an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year award.

When Kenny isn’t focused on scaling the science of fun, he is focused on having fun. He finds the most joy in playing with his kids (with his cell phone hidden in another room), discovering his physical limits through adventure (like bike packing the Great Divide), and exploring his mental limits through the occasional silent retreat or ice bath (brrrr).


Devin McNulty Headshot

Devin McNulty

Head of Braintending

Devin is obsessed with unlocking group creativity. To solve hard problems. To get everyone excited and on the same page. To find that one idea that changes everything. He has done it for companies like ESPN, Google, Credit Karma, Logitech and Ubisoft, leading to some of their greatest triumphs. He has helped lead multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, change the direction of key products, and align executive teams around their vision for the future. He has led training programs that change company culture to bring more energy, creative thinking and psychological safety.

Devin is obsessed with the Science of Fun, churning through 2-4 books a month from across the academic spectrum. Then he works to build those insights into Funmentum™, and proselytize his favorite books to anyone who will listen. You could say that he’s addicted to new insights.

Devin loves spending time with his kids, going on crazy adventures around the SF Bay Area or elsewhere. He feels so blessed to be living his exact life right now. He can’t wait to bring the power of productive play to all of the working world.




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