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The AI powered playbook for creative teams.

Funware is like having a facilitation expert on call, ready to guide your team to solve creative problems fast, while harnessing the best of design thinking and creativity science.

Watch this short video to learn more about how it works.

Does your team lack alignment? Use Funware™ Unifier to check on things like success criteria, roles and responsibilities, or decision frameworks to get everyone moving in the same direction again.

Whether you've surfaced a blocker in Funware Syncer, need to kick-off a project, or just brainstorm. Funware™ Ideator will guide your team to original ideas for your challenge, with the help of AI.

Once you've generated some options in Funware™ Ideator, or if you already have ideas you need to evaluate. Get quantified feedback to quickly identify the strongest ideas and how to improve them. 

Finishing a project or quarter? Have a look back at what went well and what needs improvement with our retrospective exercises.

Re-energize your 1:1s and team syncs, replacing mundane updates with real dialogue. Just press play and Funware™ Syncer helps surface blockers and action items while keeping your team engaged.

Forming a new team? Break the ice with one of our icebreaker exercises.                                                                                                      

What our users are saying

Don't take it from us, hear what real users said about their Funware experience.

“I really enjoyed this way of thinking through an issue as a group. Breaks up stagnant meetings for sure!”
- Funware™ Ideator user, after playing Worst First