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Don't take 2 months to solve a problem that we can help you solve in one week.
Align groups FAST with Funmentum™.

Funmentum™ Idea Sprints have driven real business results

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Helped resolve a 2 year problem in 2 weeks.

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Helped kickoff the marketing campaign for the best selling game of the year.

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Gave leadership confidence that acquiring another company was key to their vision

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Increase the odds of a breakthrough idea

Too often we ask “what’s the challenge?” and jump right into solving it. But that leads to stale thinking and just going with what "works".

Funmentum™ Idea Sprints create a space to explore, make novel connections, and get groups excited about unexpected pathways.  After we generate hundreds of ideas, we hone in on the ones with the most heat.

Virtual or in-Person

Funmentum™ Idea Sprints are the most engaging and productive virtual meetings you'll ever attend. Groups will play together, bond, and generate new thinking for their biggest challenges.  

Back in the office? Make this the reason to be in-person together. Our session will be a destination on its own.

Zoom Meeting Fun

Funmentum™ Idea Sprints help you

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Never start with a blank page

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Strategically plan in a way that engages your team

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Play alongside your consumer to spark innovation

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Get your team out of a rut and generating new solutions

How Funmentum™ Idea Sprints work

Step 1: Prepare

 We help you zero in on your problem and guide you through the inputs we need. We'll also interview 1-2 key players to understand the goals and the dynamics of the team.

Step 2: The Session

A 2-4 hour moment to have fun and uncover breakthrough ideas together. This is the only time commitment needed from the team! We'll go wide on hundreds of ideas, then narrow in on the ones with the most heat.

Step 3: Report

We'll package up the most exciting ideas in a digestible format. Leaders can use these recaps to align their team around a clear path forward.

Hundreds of exercises

Here's a sampling of the techniques we use with Fortune 500 companies

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Need your group aligned around creative thinking?

Reach out and let's get the fun started!

Does your organization have bigger culture goals? You might benefit from Funmentum™ Training.