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How to Share Funware Audio Instructions

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Welcome! So, you are hosting a Funware session, and need to play audio instructions for everyone?

If you are using Zoom - see instructions below 

If you are using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or any other platform - you'll need to play the audio instructions out loud through your computer speakers. That's right - take off your headphones, unmute yourself, and crank up your virtual facilitator. Everyone will be able to hear the instructions crystal clear, and get into the fun!

  • NOTE: this won't work for the built-in Funware music - but the audio instructions are the most important. 


How to share Computer Audio in Zoom

  • On your Navigation Bar, click ‘Share Screen’.


  • Hit the advanced tab
  • Then click “computer audio” + the Share button in the bottom right

  • Now everyone will be able to hear the audio instructions + music that you play!