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5 Ways Virtual Brainstorms Suck (and 1 way to overcome it!)

More and more managers complain to me that their virtual brainstorms suck, and they can’t get people to engage. Here are the top 5 reasons I hear.


  1. People show up distracted
    • They finish another meeting and get magically transported to a new topic without the time to transition. You start at a disadvantage.
  2. Topic but no clear goal
    • The conversation meanders, there’s no clear progress and people disengage.
  3. Silence!
    • You ask a question, and there’s…. nothing. Most often people aren’t trying to be mean—they’re just not confident they have something good to say. 
  4. The extroverts save the day
    • And everyone else cheers inside as they don’t have to talk. What’s the point again of having everyone in this meeting?
  5. Tech steals attention
    • Slack/texting/etc make unending dopamine hits - good luck overcoming that with your conversation topic. 



Step 1: Think

  • What: pick a clear goal, then have each person write ideas on their own for 5 minutes (while you play music)
  • Why: each participant is accountable for solo work. Helps introverts collect thoughts and gain confidence to share. 

Step 2: Pair

  • What: create breakout rooms of 2-3 people where they share and build on their solo thinking (10 minutes)
  • Why: there is nowhere to hide in a pair—you must engage! Helps the best ideas rise to the top before sharing with the whole group. 

Step 3: Share

  • What: Close the breakout rooms. Everyone shares their ideas one at a time, followed by a whole group discussion. (15 minutes)
  • Why: you’ll have an engaged, lively discussion with way better ideas. 

That’s a tight 30 minute agenda:

  • Think: 5 minutes
  • Pair: 10 minutes
  • Share: 15 minutes

Have fun mining your team’s intelligence! I promise it will feel great when people start sharing ideas. Comment below and let us know how it went!

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