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1 Minute Bird Watching Challenge

Next time your head is stuck in your computer, and you need some inspiration, act like a bird watcher for a minute.

Look out the window and see what catches your eye? Can you spot the inspiration you've been looking for?

When I did this challenge recently, I needed inspiration to help me do something I dread, writing content. I was lacking inspiration until I looked up and noticed some kids sliding down a grass hill. Some kids were trying to surf the hill on cardboard. Some slide backwards, others forwards, and others at awkward angles that make me appreciate the sturdiness of kids.

The thing that inspired me was watching the kids joy at trying lots of things quickly. Moving on when it wasn’t working and doubling down on what they loved, like tumbling down the hill and aimlessly bowling other kids down. That experimental play inspired me to develop this 1 minute challenge series. Hopefully this series of content will give you lots of easy ways to experiment with building some fun and productivity into your day.