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Boost Your Week with 'Rocket Fuel' 🚀⛽🚀


Status meetings are like routine pit stops in our work week—essential but often routine. We gather🖇️, exchange updates📝, and carry on with our tasks.

While these meetings serve their purpose, what if we could transform them into dynamic launchpads for progress?

Enter 'Rocket Fuel'. 🚀⛽🚀  

'Rocket Fuel' is a moment to pause⏸️and reflect🔎on your upcoming week with an explorer’s perspective.

We prompt you to survey your project from a wider view and consider shortcuts and potential obstacles in your path. Like an explorer in unknown territory, consider what could catalyze a leap of progress in your project’s journey.  

How 'Rocket Fuel' Works:

Step 1: Know your destination📍
Make sure people know what their priorities for the upcoming week are.

Step 2: Look for shortcuts and obstacles🗺️
Take 5-10 minutes and have people write down 1-3 things that could act as rocket fuel and accelerate progress on their projects. 
It could be:

  • Resources⏰
  • Advice
  • Money💰
Really let people go-wide exploring.

Step 3: Blast-off💥
Have people share their top 1-2 things that will act as rocket fuel🚀and see if anyone in the group can help provide it.

Why 'Rocket Fuel' works:

This exercise not only empowers individuals to explore shortcuts and sidestep obstacles but also fosters a culture of collaboration, where the collective wisdom accelerates progress. 

As you consistently apply this exercise, you'll find that every week becomes an opportunity to soar higher, reach farther, and achieve more than you ever thought possible🌠. So, gear up for your next status meeting and prepare to ignite your week with the powerful thrust of 'Rocket Fuel.'

Have Funware™ Syncer help you facilitate 'Rocket Fuel'

Step 0: If you haven't done so already, sign-up for Funware™ Syncer. We have taken our years of facilitation experience, and designed software that expertly guides your team through 30 minute ideation sessions.

Step 1: Start a Funware™ Syncer session.


Step 2: When on the game wheel, instead of spinning the wheel to get a random exercise, click “Rocket Fuel” to select that specific exercise. 

Step 3: Funware™ Syncer automatically prompts meeting participants to start generating smells associated with their challenge and then prompts people to start coming up with solutions to their challenge. 

Step 4: Funware™ Syncer will pick different people to share their memories at random and our built in timer makes sure shares don’t go on too long.