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How to play music in Zoom + 3 tips for your Virtual Brainstorm

Use Zoom’s features to your advantage! One of the best ways is with the power of music. It’s really easy to share crystal clear sound via Zoom, here’s how: 

If you already know how to play music in zoom jump to the 3 tips for using music in your virtual brainstorm.

How to Play Music in Zoom

  • On your Navigation Bar, click ‘Share Screen’.


  • Select the window you want to broadcast
  • Click ‘Share sound’ in the bottom left!

  • Then play some excellent tunes with your slide deck! 
  • Don’t want to show any visuals? Hit the advanced tab
  • Then click “computer audio”


3 Tips to use music in your Virtual Brainstorm

  • SOLO THINKING TIME: Give everyone a prompt, and then 3-5 minutes to write answers on their own. Then share answers one by one. 
  • DANCE PARTY: Get your virtual meeting started off right with 1 minute of boogying. 
  • Even the stick-in-the-mud types that stay seated will experience a little jolt of energy. 
  • VIRTUAL WAR ROOM: Rather than a focused meeting, get people together to do work together in a shared virtual room. Play music while everyone works. Have an interesting idea or question? Speak up and lower the music. Otherwise everyone just groove side-by-side. 

We don’t have a relationship with Zoom — we just like it the best out of all video software. Need help facilitating your next virtual brainstorm? Funmentum Labs is here to help!