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Fuel creativity with focused feedback

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Turn subjective opinions into emotional data

Funware™ Focuser’s idea scorecard gets you quantified feedback to quickly identify the strongest ideas and how to improve them.

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Guide the conversation towards what matters

Have you ever wasted 20 minutes debating a minor detail that didn't ultimately matter? Funware™ Focuser lets you build in criteria for judging the creative work to frame the conversation around what's important.

Say goodbye to groupthink

Are you used to feedback sessions where only the loudest voices dominate, and we don't hear from everyone? We focus on the wrong things and then run out of time? We end up choosing an idea, only for people to resist it after the official meeting?

Funware Focuser is the antidote. 




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Surface the truth anonymously

Funware™ Focuser lets everyone rate ideas anonymously, so that we can truly understand where the group stands.

This helps surface misalignment that's often hidden when people are navigating politics instead of speaking their true opinions.


  • Custom Judging Criteria

    Use the default criteria, or input your own—all to ensure the conversation focuses on what matters.

  • Anonymous Feedback

    Find out what people truly think about an idea, cutting through politics.

  • Live Results

    See everyone's feedback graphically in real time. 

  • Built for Hybrid Work

    Whether they are in the office or virtual, everyone participates on an equal footing.

  • Psychological Safety at Work 

    Funware™ Focuser is inclusive of diverse perspectives, leading to better creative work.

What our users are saying

Don't take it from us, hear what real users said about their Funware experience.

“Great way to get deeper conversation going.”
- Funware™ Focuser user, after evaluating a Marketing Campaign

Plans and pricing


from $4.99 / host / month

Features include
  • Six converge games + new games released frequently
  • Invite up to 8 participants
  • Revisit past sessions
  • Print to PDF
  • Analytics for Org


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  • Includes Complimentary Funmentum™ Workshop

Finishing your project?

Don't miss a chance to learn lessons from what you did Funware™ Retrospector will help you look back and learn lessons.