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Look back and learn lessons together.

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FunwareRetrospector runs your post-mortem exercise

Funware™ Retrospector harnesses the Science of Fun to get the group learning lessons in record time. Zero preparation needed.


Collaborating with AI and other humans

Funware™ Retrospector harnesses AI to supercharge the post-mortem process, helping us learn lessons faster. AI is used to lighten the mood and summarize the key points.

Just press play

And your team will be taken on a ride featuring 5+ post-mortem exercises battle-tested with Fortune 500 companies. You will learn lessons in just minutes while having fun. And you won't have to prepare anything!


How is Funware™ Retrospector different than a virtual whiteboard?

Virtual whiteboards like Miro or Mural can be helpful, but once your team is there—what do you do next?

Funware™ Retrospector guides you through every step of the exercise, using the tenets of group flow to get everyone adding their perspective (not just the loud extroverts).

Oh, the games you'll play

Here is a sampling of different post-mortem games your team can play with our AI robot.


Identify what your team loved, loathed, learned, and longed for in a project.


It's like the five why's framework, but asking what!


Bigger retros that happen quarterly need to look at goals and ask special questions.


  • 5+ Post Mortem Exercises

    Every Funware™ Retrospector session features a new exercise, with its own method of learning lessons. New exercises released frequently meaning your team will never get bored. 

  • Virtual Facilitator

    You don't have to prep for a Funware™ Retrospector session, just enjoy being a participant! Our virtual facilitator guides your team step by step to learn lessons faster.

  • Randomized Sharing

    Stop asking "Who wants to go first?". Everyone gets an equal chance to share—even the quietest person has their chance to shine.

  • Built for Hybrid Work

    Whether they are in the office or virtual, everyone participates on an equal footing.

  • Neuroscience at Work 

    Funware™ Retrospector taps into neural pathways that release oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine. This brain cocktail helps spark breakthrough learnings.

  • AI + Human Learning

    AI helps push your entire group, to create the best possible learnings out of the humans in the session. 

What our users are saying

Don't take it from us, hear what real users said about their Funware experience.

“I really liked how it was pushing for insight, and less about 'what did you do'. That came up, but it was through these different lenses.”
- Funware™ Retrospector user, after playing A Case of the What's

Plans and pricing


from $4.99 / host / month

Features Include
  • Six retrospective games + new game every month
  • Invite up to 8 participants
  • Revisit past sessions
  • Print to PDF
  • Analytics for Org


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Off to your next project? Get aligned first. 

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