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Reimagine the meetings people dread

Disengaged team syncs, group(think) brainstorms, and unhelpful feedback sessions can make creative collaboration feel like an uphill battle. Funware™ can help.

Thousands of people at Fortune 500 companies have used Funmentum™.

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Break the productivity paradox

Project managers have lots of productivity tools, but the creative thinkers they manage require that magical spark before true productivity can begin. That's why we infuse the science of fun into team syncs, brainstorms, and feedback sessions, transforming them into vibrant hubs that fuel your team's imagination. With Funware™, you can go beyond managing your team’s workflows and can fuel their creative spark.

Do your 1:1s and team syncs leave everyone feeling drained?

Try Funware Syncer to generate connections that get things moving.

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Does running a team brainstorm feel like a big lift?

Try Funware Ideator and just press play to get your team diverging.

Do people focus on the wrong things during creative feedback?

Try Funware Focuser to identify the strongest ideas and how to improve them

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Funmentum™ helped unlock incredibly original ideas and led to some of the best projects we’ve worked on. It’s fun to do, engaging, and ultimately effective.
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Doug Scott, Chief Marketing Officer at Twitch

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